Robot vacuum cleaner Wolkinz COSMO

with laser navigation system



Wi-Fi connectivity and
mobile application:
easy control from your smart phone

highly advanced inverter, 2000 PA,
with a lifetime warranty

Seamless digital
navigation and
mapping system

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It’s a constant, everyday battle: cleaning, picking up hair, eliminating dust and dirt from our homes. In short, cleaning takes up a lot of our time. After extensive research in the area of household chores, we’ve found that, for many people, cleaning can be a real challenge. 4 hours a week, 18 hours a month, 8 days a year—the average person spends lots of time cleaning the house. In order to meet the needs of those who spend too much time cleaning, we have developed Wolkinz COSMO, a robot vacuum cleaner with laser navigation system. Anytime, anywhere, with just the press of a button, you can simplify the cleaning process, making it easier and more convenient to keep your space clean, and giving you more time to enjoy life.

Effective planning of the cleaning process

Wolkinz COSMO is perfect for use in any household. It combines high-performance technology with complete ease of control. With the help of its LiDAR+ laser scanning system, the robot automatically constructs a map of any space, making it the ideal solution for all your cleaning needs.

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Navigation based on LiDAR laser scanning system

Thanks to this advanced technology, Wolkinz COSMO completes a 360-degree analysis of its surroundings, enabling it to precisely define the volume of objects in its path, and even distinguish furniture from pets. The robot vacuum constructs a map of a space by calculating the exact distance to any objects in its way. This allows for an obstacle clearance of just 2mm, ensuring that the Wolkinz COSMO does not bump into anything as it cleans.

Deep cleaning

You can completely rely on Wolkinz COSMO for even the toughest jobs. If you’re moving or doing some serious home repairs, the robot vacuum simply constructs a new map, smoothly adapting to its new surroundings. Thanks to a high-tech processor, Wolkinz COSMO possesses the ability “to see” changes in a space. Its built-in memory card gives the robot full autonomy in any cleaning operation.

Robot location control

Thanks to an innovative navigation and mapping system, Wolkinz COSMO is able to plan the most efficient cleaning route. A built-in multicomputer allows the robot vacuum cleaner to construct a map of the space and then analyse it, thus ensuring that the room is completely clean before moving on to the next one.

Significant improvement in the efficiency of decision making and data analysis

In developing Wolkinz COSMO, the main goal was to make the machine ‘think’ the same way a human being does. The robot vacuum’s unique design integrates innovative calculation technology and extensive data analysis into the cleaning process, a great step forward in the field of domestic robotics. This ability ‘to think’ allows Wolkinz COSMO to estimate square footage and approximate cleaning time, as well as choose the necessary functions for each cleaning job. Only after taking such factors into account does the robot vacuum begin its work. This in turn ensures maximum efficiency and thorough cleaning of any space.

Fast, efficient, high-precision cleaning

Wolkinz COSMO was built with maximum suction power in mind – 2000 PA. The robot quickly and effortlessly eliminates hair, pet fur, dust, and other debris. What’s more, COSMO is equipped with an efficient air purification system: it not only collects dust and dirt in the dustbin but also improves the quality of the air you breathe.

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Powerful inverter motor with a lifetime guarantee

Wolkinz COSMO is built with a heavy-duty inverter from Japanese manufacturer NIDEC. Its motor gives the robot an impressive 2000 PA of suction power. Even the toughest cleaning jobs are no match for Wolkinz COSMO! Our engineers also designed the robot to achieve minimum noise level, but without compromising suction power. That means you can feel free to use Wolkinz COSMO anytime, even while you’re asleep!

More than just a clean surface

Equipped with a triple HEPA filter, Wolkinz COSMO purifies air not only from dust, pollen, and allergens, but also from formaldehydes and other harmful substances. In short, this sophisticated robot ensures the highest level of air purification in any space.

NIDEC inverter [motor]

800ml dustbin

Triple HEPA filter

Power 2000 PA

Mobile application Wolkinz COSMO for intelligent control and easy programming of your robot, right from your smart phone

Wolkinz COSMO can meet all of your daily cleaning needs in offline mode. You’ll surely be delighted with its ability to clean your space quickly and efficiently. But you can also control the cleaning process with ease, right from your smartphone. Use the cleaning map to monitor the robot’s progress as it cleans your home, and you can even set up your own daily cleaning schedule. Wolkinz COSMO was designed with convenience in mind—while it’s doing the cleaning, you are free to enjoy life.

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Automatic recharge and resume

When the battery runs low while cleaning, Wolkinz COSMO automatically returns to the docking station to recharge. Once it’s fully recharged, it continues cleaning right where it left off.

Control your robot vacuum using the smart mobile application

Thanks to the smart application Wolkinz COSMO, you can easily control the robot and the cleaning process, while at the same time enjoying a hot cup of coffee or spending time with friends.

Cleaning map


Cleaning time

Wolkinz COSMO—the perfect combination of cutting-edge technology, sleek design, and the latest trends in robotics

The high-tech robot vacuum cleaner Wolkinz COSMO was designed to be simple and stylish, a reflection of true European aesthetics and minimalist style—and all this without compromising performance. The Wolkinz COSMO is the perfect complement to any interior, and is sure to significantly improve your quality of life.


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