About us

Wolkinz Electronics

Based in Germany, Wolkinz Electronics, GmBh, is a leader in the field of navigation systems, robotics and laser distance measurement equipment. For over 15 years, Wolkinz Electronics, GmbH, has produced professional laser navigation and other standalone equipment. Currently, the company’s main areas of focus are the development of artificial intelligence, laser navigation systems for military and civilian use, as well as navigation systems for use in household robotics.

Products developed by Wolkinz Electronics, GmBh, are used mostly in robotics, as well as in LiDAR navigation modules for the motor vehicle and military industries.

At the moment the main office is situated in Stuttgart. More than that 100 people work in Wolkinz Electronics GmbH. The main principles of the company are development and integration of the most advanced technology into their product and also strict quality control of the product.

The first robotic vacuum cleaner under Wolkinz brand was presented in 2017 (model Wolkinz COSMO). Today robotic vacuum cleaner is an up-to-date model which features are excellent quality of cleaning, advanced characteristics (high suction power, efficient algorithms of cleaning in the corners, seamless laser navigation and mapping system, continuous time of work, use of lifetime Li-Pol batteries, and regime of wet floor wiping) and use of Lidar+ navigation system for orientation of the robot.

At all the stages of construction of robotic vacuum cleaners Wolkinz there is strict quality control of the product. Factories of Wolkinz Electronics GmbH. are equipped with the most modern equipment. The research group of scientists and developers constantly improves the capacities of manufactured devices, being in advance of their competitors.