WOLKINZ INTELLIGENCE core technologies:

LIDAR+: laser mapping and navigation

RealMap: construction of area map in real time

MapVision: analysis and display of area map in real time

NIDEC 2000 PA: ultra powerful compressor

POINT CNT: automatic recharge and resume

Vac&Mop: combined wet and dry cleaning

WZ COSMO: mobile application with Wi-Fi connectivity

HEPA: triple-layer filter, 99,9%+

WOLKINZ™ —The Power of Mobile Robotics


The robotic vacuum Wolkinz COSMO is equipped with powerful modern processors
for fast information processing in real time.

Allwinner ARM Cortex quad core processor

STMicroelectronics ARM Cortex co-processor

Texas Instruments LDS image processor

Wolkinz COSMO is equipped with three modern powerful processors: an Allwinner quad core processor, a STMicroelectronics ARM co-processor, and a Texas Instruments LDS image processor. Each processor is responsible for specific data operations, allowing the robot to process information coming from its sensors in just a fraction of a second. Wolkinz COSMO receives and processes data in real time, from 36 different types of sensors, including a LDS distance sensor, LiDAR+, ultrasound radar, wall proximity sensor, pollution sensor, drop sensor, gyroscopes, accelerometer, etc.