Model imaging of an interior space

Improved perception of a space by Wolkinz COSMO

Robotic vacuum cleaner Wolkinz COSMO uses laser range-finder and ultrasound radar for construction of the premise map; it scans the environment around robot at 360 degrees with sampling frequency 2400 times per minute. Robot constructs the map of the premise according to Slam LIDAR algorithm, divides regions and optimizes the cleaning route regardless the already cleaned areas not repeating moving along them. Thanks to precision sensors robotic vacuum cleaner Wolkinz COSMO calculates and defines the size and volumes of the objects on the floor, distance to the barriers and optimizes the route in real time to guarantee efficient cleaning in every corner of your house.

Detection of moving objects

The highest level of precision in planning of the cleaning process and in recognition of obstacles in navigation

Wolkinz COSMO is able to identify, with the utmost precision, exactly which obstacles are in its cleaning path—including pets! With the help of its LiDAR laser navigation system, the same technology used in self-driving cars, the robot vacuum plans its cleaning route taking into account both stationary and moving obstacles. This ensures that Wolkinz COSMO doesn’t harm your pets while it eliminates all of their fur from your home. The cleaning process isn’t disrupted, even if the cat runs in front of the robot and wants to play! Your pets are sure to love the newest member of your family!

And there’s the cat!

The laser accurately measures the distance to objects throughout the space

Wolkinz COSMO is equipped with a navigation system that uses dual-laser smart technology in order to measure the exact distance between itself and objects around the room. Such a high degree of precision in navigation allows the robot to move around smoothly, efficiently cleaning your space, without bumping into obstacles.

12 m

Range of object detection

2 mm

Obstacle clearance


Detectors and sensors for flawless cleaning