Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What types of floor surfaces can Wolkinz COSMO clean?

A: Wolkinz COSMO is able to clean any type of floor surface: tile, laminate, parquet, linoleum, and carpet with a pile height up to 2cm.

Q: What needs to be removed from the floor before cleaning?

A: Before cleaning, be sure the floor is clear of any small objects such as Legos and other toys, thin electrical cords, or area rugs made from animal skins.

Q: Is it possible for Wolkinz COSMO to damage anything in my home?

A: No. Before beginning a cleaning operation, the robot vacuum sees, analyses, and understands the position of objects in a space, as well as its distance from them.

Q: What is the maximum threshold height that Wolkinz COSMO can clear as it moves from room to room?

А: The robot vacuum cleaner can easily clear gently sloping interior thresholds, joints between floor surfaces, as well as carpet and interior rugs with a pile height of up to 2 cm.

Q: Can sunlight affect the robot’s laser radar?

A: Laboratory tests have shown that sunlight does not affect the robot or its navigation system.

Q: The robot vacuum cleaner does not return to the charging station. What should I do?

A: Make sure that the charging station is plugged into an electrical outlet and that there are no contaminants or water on the charger’s or the robot’s contact elements. In case of contamination, the contacts must be wiped clean.

Q: What happens if I touch the electrodes on the charging station or one of the contact elements on the robot?

A: Nothing. The voltage in these elements is extremely low and is not dangerous at all.

Q: Can Wolkinz COSMO mop a floor that is already wet?

A: If there is water on the floor, the robot must not be switched on. This can cause damage to the robot.

Q: What should I do if water gets into the robot vacuum cleaner?

A: Immediately switch off the robot and then remove the dustbin, brushes, and filters. Switch the robot on again only when all of these parts have dried thoroughly. If the robot does not switch on, contact the nearest service center.

Q: Why isn’t the robot vacuum charging?

A: а) a) Check the bottom of the robot where the power contacts are located.
б) Check the contacts in the charger and the electrical outlet. If the contacts are dirty, wipe them clean. If the robot still doesn’t charge, contact the nearest service center.

Q: When cleaning, why doesn’t the robot approach furniture and other objects as closely as it usually does?

A: a) Sometimes dust accumulates inside the sensor on the robot’s bumper, which can lead to an incorrect signal. Take a rag and wipe clean the sensors on the bumper.
b) Inspect the robot’s front roller for any contaminants, and wipe clean if necessary.
If the steps above do not help, contact the nearest service center.

Q: Why does the robot keep falling?

A: Dust may have accumulated on the sensor on the bottom of the robot and the area around it. Inspect these areas and wipe them clean if necessary. If nothing changes after cleaning the sensor, it may be malfunctioning. In this case, contact the nearest service center.

Q: Why does the robot leave behind dust and debris in the area it just cleaned?

A: The dustbin might be full. To avoid this, it simply needs to be emptied periodically.

Q: Why does the robot sometimes stop while it is working?

A: It takes time for the robot to plan and evaluate the cleaning route, and it also pauses sometimes because of the specific characteristics and layout of a space.

Q: Where can I download the mobile application for the robot vacuum?

A: You can scan the QR-code using your mobile phone’s scanner application, or you can search for “Wolkinz COSMO” on Google Play or the App Store.

Q: Why does a network connection failure occur when I try to install the program to control the robot via Wi-Fi?

A: a) First make sure you have a good Wi-Fi signal.
b) Next make sure the robot is switched on and that the Wi-Fi indication signal is flashing.
c) Then make sure the internet connection and Wi-Fi settings in the application are configured correctly.
If you are still experiencing problems, contact the nearest service center.

Q: Is the robot vacuum’s performance affected if I charge it for too long?

A: No. When the robot is not working, it is safe for it to remain connected to the charging station. However, if you leave for more than 3 days and will not be using the robot during this time, it is better to disconnect it from the charging station.

(1) Fault 1. The IR sensor might be dirty. With the robot switched off, wipe the IR and the dustbin sensors clean and then move the robot to another location before turning it on again.

(2) Fault 2. A strong magnetic field is detected. Move the robot to another location and try again.

(3) Fault 3. Check to see if there is a foreign object in the collision sensor. Remove any foreign objects from the body of the robot and then press the sensor.

(4) Fault 4. The robot is overheating. Switch the robot off and allow it to cool down before proceeding.

(5) Fault 5. The robot is charging incorrectly, and the charging contacts need to be cleaned:
a. Check to make sure the original power adapter is in working condition.
b. Check to make sure the charging station is level and in a horizontal position.
c. If the robot is still not charging, contact the nearest service center.

(6) Fault 6. Operating failure. Try resetting the robot. If this doesn’t work, contact the nearest service center.