Control the cleaning process from your smartphone.

The mobile application automatically creates a cleaning map of your house. You can then easily monitor the robot’s movement around your home in real time, and you can also keep track of status of the cleaning process, as well as its mapping history.

Remote intelligence control of your robot

Open application WZ COSMO to check the status, time and square of cleaning in real time. More than that, you can always plan the time of the cleaning start, individual or universal one on each time of the week. Plan the work of robotic vacuum cleaner when you are not at home to come back always in the clean house.

Easy-to-program cleaning schedule.
Set up custom cleaning preferences, daily or weekly, whenever is convenient for you.

Download Wolkinz COSMO on the AppStore or Google Play.

Wolkinz Cloud Intelligence keeps robots up-to-date

Thanks to Wolkinz Cloud Intelligence and the mobile application Wolkinz COSMO, the robot vacuum automatically receives the latest software updates.

Wolkinz Cloud Intelligence keeps all robots connected, allowing for data sharing as well as software and cleaning algorithm updates. Wolkinz COSMO is in a class all by itself! Such advanced technology allows the robot to carry out complex mathematical route calculations, giving it a level of sophistication that is even higher than what was originally anticipated. Wolkinz COSMO cloud technology is a multi- functional source for intelligent data analysis and decision making in controlling the robot.