Terms of warranty service of robotic vacuum cleaners Wolkinя COSMO

On all European robot vacuum cleaners Wolkinz COSMO there is a guarantee, since we work only with official suppliers. Each German robot vacuum is supplied with a warranty card from the service center, which is filled in during the purchase process. If you want to buy a robot vacuum cleaner with us, then you should not worry about the quality of the product.

The warranty period for Wolkinz COSMO robotic vacuum cleaners is 3 years.

The service center of the Wolkinz COSMO company is engaged in warranty and post-warranty maintenance of equipment. You do not need to spend your time looking for a suitable equipment repair center - you just need to contact us. After contacting you, an employee of the company will arrive and pick up equipment for repairs. If you are outside the capital, you can send us the equipment using a transport company. Typically, such a service costs about 350 rubles, registration occurs quickly.

Service of our robotic vacuum cleaners is available in accordance with applicable laws. No less important is the fact that we strive to find an individual approach to customers. If you purchase goods in the online store Wolkinz COSMO, then you get a guarantee of long-term and trouble-free operation of the equipment.

Warranty valid from the moment the buyer received the goods. For components and battery warranty period is 6 months. During the warranty period, the buyer may declare the existing defects of the goods. Consumable materials - brushes for the robot and others - are not covered by the warranty. The same applies to cases where the premium class robot vacuum cleaner was used in the wrong way and because of this damage occurred.

In the event that within two weeks from the date of purchase you see that the robot cleaner is defective, you can exchange it for a new one. If the same thing happened later than two weeks, but before the expiration of the warranty period, the equipment will be taken from you for repair. Repair under warranty is free of charge.

Before contacting our service center, you must first call our specialists. It is possible that the problem can be solved remotely, and you do not have to give the vacuum cleaner for repair to our service center. Requests for repairs are accepted for products that were purchased from official dealers in the territory of the Russian Federation. The technique is necessarily compared by serial number.

In case you contact our center, you need to provide:

  • warranty card with filling in all boxes, as well as indicating the date of purchase and the seller’s stamp;
  • a document that confirms your purchase.

Repair within the warranty will not be made if:

  • chips, cracks and traces of damage of various nature were found on the equipment, water inlet;
  • the equipment does not have warranty labels;
  • on the robot there are traces of exposure, including chemical and thermal;
  • found that the details have traces of external influence;
  • changes have been made to the design not provided for by the manufacturer, or foreign elements have been added to the design;
  • the robot was used in the wrong way;
  • the robot is damaged during transportation by the client;
  • used voltage that is different from the permissible.

Repair on a free basis can be made:

  • during the whole warranty period;
  • if the product model and its serial number coincide with the data specified in the warranty card;
  • if the warranty card contains no corrections, it contains the model, date of sale, there are the necessary signatures and a seal.

Please note that before the robot is sent to our service center, it is necessary to fully equip it, clean the dust collector, and attach the warranty card and receipt for the goods.